Better Brakes and Tires Improve Safety, Comfort and Gas Mileage

Every part of a vehicle is important for safety, performance and comfort. Any vehicle that is properly maintained and operated safely will save the owner money over time and potentially have the ability to earn more miles on its odometer before it is retired. However, there are two components that people need to concentrate on maintaining more than any other and they are something the average brake and service company works on daily.


Brakes and tires are a concern partially because of the incredible amount of stress they endure every time the vehicle is on the road. Tires are subjected to debris on the road, bad weather and supporting the weight of the vehicle. Lex Brodie’s tire knows that replacing tires with low tread is important. When tires are too worn they cannot maintain a safe grip on the pavement, particularly in bad weather, and they are not able to stop the vehicle as quickly as normal. Worn tires are also at a higher risk of a blow out and increase the possibility of an accident or leaving the driver stranded. Even something as simple as properly inflating tires can improve how easy the vehicle is to control as well as improving its fuel efficiency.

A brake repair is needed when the brake lines have more than surface rust, the brake pads have become too thin or the drums or rotors are warped and worn. The signs of a brake problem includes a scraping or metal on metal sound when the brakes are applied. The vehicle may shake when the brakes are used, the vehicle may pull to one side or the brake pedal may feel different. When brake lines are leaking the driver may discover they can only stop the vehicle by pressing harder on the pedal. When the drums are worn many drivers will notice their parking brake feel looser than normal.

Early warning signs give owners the time to have their vehicle inspected and the work performed before the brakes fail completely. Repairing the brakes or replacing tires is not something that vehicle owners should ignore. An unexpected bump in the road or a sudden stop may put more strain on worn brakes and tires than they can withstand. It makes more sense to manage the problem early rather than paying for a tow truck as well as the maintenance work that is needed. At they offer inspections, complete brake and tire repair and replacement and alignments. All of these services make vehicles more reliable, fuel efficient and safe.

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